Pop-Up Magazine Pt. 2 & 3

The first show was incredible! Pop-Up liked it enough to have the opera singer and myself back on two more tours. We went to LA, Chicago, Boston, NYC, DC, Austin, Portland and Seattle. We stayed in hotels and ate like humble kings and became (better) friends. Blevins, who was the subject of one of The Regulars videos (which you can check out in the video section of this site) sang onstage at every show. The audience was typically left in a tearful standing ovation. 

When we first started the tour he was still living on the street, but now he has an apartment in the city and is doing much better. He's reconnected with old friends and family who are giving him the support and love he needs. I'm hoping it lasts, that he stays clean and get his hip replaced.  This tour was an incredible boost for him, so hopefully that inspiration will last.

If you haven't been to a Pop-Up Magazine show yet, you should. It's an incredible night of true stories from a slew of talented folks. Here are some shitty phone photos from the tour: